Enjoy a new style of “Group Fitness” where you get to choose WHO you workout with, what type of workout you do, and limit the class size. In addition, this is one of the COOLEST, most cost friendly ways to train, it doesn’t get much better than this!

CrossFit and Boot Camps have become extremely popular, it seems that everywhere you look a new one is popping up. This offers a few problems.

#1. Lack of knowledge

  • The majority of these instructors only have an understanding of boot camp drills, and lack the knowledge of exercise science. With On The Go Trainers, all of our Trainers are well educated in Exercise Science, and are certified in Personal Training, Yoga, and Boxing.

#2. Over Population

  • In many of the boot camps or crossFit classes, you’re just another face in the crowd. So, with lack of guidance comes a greater risk of injury. On The Go Trainers always has your safety in mind. That’s why we limit the size of your group to your closest friends. Now you’ll have the attention and customization that you and your friends deserve. 

The benefits for training with a friend can help increase your motivation, support, and accountability. This helps many people get the extra push they need to be successful with their fitness goals.